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In this age of consumer freedom the choice for many items including generators seems endless, buy in confidence that all our generators are from top Euorpean, American or Japanese companies, We do not sell inferior quality generators as sold on many other sites.

Use these questions to help you decide:

What size of generator do I require?

All electrical products have a data plate with information regarding their power usage.

For most power tools i.e. drills sanders etc their listed wattage is all the power they require to run. Household items such as lights, TV’s, DVD’s etc.fall in the same category.

Items such as freezers, fridges, washing machines etc are normally different. Whilst they can state a wattage rating, due to the type of motor they use can require a much greater requirement on start up, when started they then require a smaller wattage usage.

If you are unsure as to what power usage a product has it is always advisable to contact the relevant manufacturers sales or technical dept, quoting model number and requesting the START UP wattage & RUNNING wattage of your item.

With this information you will be able to determine accurately the size of generator you require.

Is it resistive or inductive load? resistive load are predominantly 1:1 loads where are a Inductive load can be up to 3 times greater for start up.

Do I require a Generator that has a long run fuel tank?

A standard tank will last for 2-4 hrs, where most long run generators can run through the night, if you are looking to purchase a generator for back up for power cuts then we would recommend a long run tank machine.

Do I want to run my Computer off a Generator ?

Running home computers from a standard generator is not advisable, you require a generator that utilizes Inverter technology such as the Champion Range Inverters, these systems will give you much smoother and more stable electricity than the main frame types or diesels.

Please note!!! As the generator starts to run out of fuel, the engine is likely to surge. To avoid this affecting electronic equipment an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) or sometimes called Battery Back-up can be used. These are typically sold for use with computers so that data is not lost in the event of a power cut or surge.

What Phase? Single or Three Phase

Two phases are available in either single, three or both. Single phase generators come in all different shapes and sizes in either petrol or diesel and three phases are predominantly diesel.

Power Outputs and Socket types

If you are looking for a power factor of 1:1 then you will require a generator with a single phase output, if you however want a dual voltage generator then one voltage will generate full power and the second voltage predominantly generates 40-50% less.

If you are looking for a power factor of 0.8 then you will require a generator with a three phase output, if you however want a dual voltage generator then one voltage will generate full power and the second voltage predominantly generates 40-50% less.

Eg. 415v / 240v generator will allow full power on the larger voltage but smaller power on the smaller voltage. Generators could be with various power output sockets from 13amp, 16amp & 32amp depending on the type and the power required.

Eg. 240v / 120v generator will allow full power on the larger voltage but smaller power on the smaller voltage. Generators could be with various power output sockets from 13amp, 16amp & 32amp depending on the type and the power required.

Always allow an extra 10-15% extra power when choosing the correct generator, this will allow for start up power on selected pieces of equipment.

Cách chọn loại dầu máy cho Máy phát điện.

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For use in Spring, Summer & Autumn months on either Petrol or Diesel Generators we would suggest that 10w30 is most suited but can be sometimes difficult to source, In which case we would recommend you purchase 10w40 which would be absolutely fine.

If you or your customer intends operating your Generator at very low temperatures usually Winter months then we would recommend using 5w30.

Độ ồn máy phát điện.

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Noise Level Information 

The decibel which is normally abbreviated dBA is the unit used to measure the intensity of a sound. The human ear is incredibly sensitive, a person’s ears can distinguish between wide ranging sounds such brushing their fingers on a notepad to the loudest explosion or Jet aircraft. To put these differences into perspective a jet aircraft is 1,000,000,000,000 times more louder than the quietest audible sound.

Looking on the decibel scale, the smallest audible sound which is near silence registers at 0 dB. An increase of 10 decibels equates to a 10 fold increase in noise to your ear.

Important Point !!!!! Generators are measured and compared within the industry @ 7 metres.

To comply with EEC regulations all generators have to be marked in LWA this is a different measurement of sound which is taken from a different distance. For an example our quiet Champion 71001i  is rated at its lowest at 53 dBA @ 7 metres. On the LWA scale this would equate to approx 86-88 decibels. Please beware of this as all products have LWA marked on them, many do not have the industry rated @ 7 metres level.

Here are some common sounds and their decibel ratings:

Sound Levels Chart
120Pneumatic drill
110Noisy factory
100Inside underground train
90Inside bus
80Average traffic on main road (at kerb)
70Normal Conversation (at 1m)
60Typical business office
50Living room in suburban area
30Bedroom at night
20Insulated broadcasting studio
10Threshold of hearing
0 dBSilence
Note: A 10 dB increase represents a doubling in loudness to the ear.
More Sound Info
190 dBAHeavy weapons, 10 m behind the weapon (maximum level)
180 dBAToy pistol fired close to ear (maximum level)
170 dBASlap on the ear, fire cracker explodes on shoulder, small arms at a distance of 50 cm (maximum level)
160 dBAHammer stroke on brass tubing or steel plate at 1 m distance, airbag deployment very close at a distance of 30 cm (maximum level)
150 dBAHammer stroke in a smithy at 5 m distance (maximum level)
130 dBALoud hand clapping at 1 m distance (maximum level)
120 dBAWhistle at 1 m distance, test run of a jet at 15 m distance
Threshold of pain, above this fast-acting hearing damage in short action is possible.
115 dBATake-off sound of planes at 10 m distance
110 dBASiren at 10 m distance, frequent sound level in discotheques and close to loudspeakers at rock concerts, violin close to the ear of an orchestra musicians (maximum level)
105 dBAChain saw at 1 m distance, banging car door at 1 m distance (maximum level), racing car at 40 m distance, possible level with music head phones
100 dBAFrequent level with music via head phones, jack hammer at 10 m distance
95 dBALoud crying, hand circular saw at 1 m distance
90 dBAPetrol Lawnmower
85 dBA2-stroke chain-saw at 10 m distance, loud WC flush at 1 m distance
80 dBAVery loud traffic noise of passing lorries at 7.5 m distance, high traffic on an expressway at 25 m distance
75 dBAPassing car at 7.5 m distance, un-silenced wood shredder at 10 m distance
70 dBALevel close to a main road by day, quiet hair dryer at 1 m distance to ear
65 dBANormal Conversation
60 dBA
55 dBALow volume of radio or TV at 1 m distance, noisy vacuum cleaner at 10 m distance
50 dBARefrigerator at 1 m distance, bird twitter outside at 15 m distance
45 dBANoise of normal living; talking, or radio in the background
35 dBAVery quiet room fan at low speed at 1 m distance
25 dBASound of breathing at 1 m distance
0 dBAAuditory threshold
Phân lớp dầu máy.

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Here is standard chart of the different oil types, most common used in the UK is 10w30 or 10w40. The main differences in the oil types are the operating temperature a smaller first figure usually means a lower starting temperature and larger second figure usually means high operating temperature.

If you are unsure of the oil type for your generator a good rule of thumb is first determine your countries climate!!! Do you have very cold winters and very hot summers, your oil type should be based on the climate the generator is going to be use in for example if it is mainly winter then a lower starting temperature oil is recommend or if it going to be summer months then a higher operating oil type is recommended.

Oil types usually come in part synthetic or fully synthetic and the cost varies, More expensive branded oil are no better than premium branded oil they are more or less the same product but some more expensive brands do have additional additives. Any part or fully synthetic oil for a generator will be perfectly OK as long as the oil changes are regular and it line with the maintenance schedule.

Sự khác nhau giữa Máy phát điện 1 pha và 3 pha

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Used in most homes around the world
Able to supply ample power for most smaller customers, including homes and small, non-industrial businesses
Adequate for running motors up to about 5 horsepower; a single-phase motor draws significantly more current than the equivalent 3-phase motor, making 3-phase power a more efficient choice for industrial applications
Single-phase power diagram
With the wave form of single-phase power, when the wave passes through zero, the power supplied at that moment is zero. In the U.S., the wave cycles 60 times per second.

Common in large businesses, as well as industry and manufacturing
Increasingly popular in power-hungry, high-density data centers
Expensive to convert from an existing single-phase installation, but 3-phase allows for smaller, less expensive wiring and lower voltages, making it safer and less expensive to run
Highly efficient for equipment designed to run on 3-phase
3-phase power diagram
3-phase power has 3 distinct wave cycles that overlap. Each phase reaches its peak 120 degrees apart from the others so the level of power supplied remains consistent.

To illustrate the difference between single-phase and 3-phase, imagine a lone paddler in a canoe. He can only move himself forward while his paddle moves through the water. When he lifts the paddle out of the water to prepare for the next stroke, the power supplied to the canoe is zero.

Now picture the same canoe with three paddlers. If their strokes are synchronized so each is separated by 1/3 of a stroke cycle, the canoe receives constant and consistent propulsion across the water. More power is supplied and the canoe moves across the water more smoothly and efficiently.

How do single and three phase systems work?

Single-phase systems use alternating current electric power in which the voltage and current flow changes in magnitude and direction in a cyclical fashion, typically 60 times per second. In the U.S., single-phase voltage is 120 Volts, while several other countries use 230 Volts as the standard. A variation of single phase, called split phase, is also in effect in the U.S. where two wires carry 120 Volts each with a common neutral thus providing the option to hook up high power loads to the 240 Volt power circuit and low power loads to 120 Volt power circuit.

In three-phase systems, the power circuit combines three alternating currents that vary in phase by 120 degrees. As a result, the power would never drop to zero, making it possible to carry more load. In a typical 120 Volt power arrangement, this is equivalent to three 120 Volt single-phase power circuits and one 208 Volt power circuit.

What are the benefits of three-phase systems over single-phase?

The cost to install and maintain three-phase systems is substantially lower than that of single-phase systems. Three-phase systems use substantially less conductor material than that of single-phase systems – about 25 percent less for the same amount of power delivered. For the same amount of time, three-phase power lines can carry more power than that of single-phase power lines at a reduced cost. In addition to reduction in copper, a three-phase system requires fewer circuit breaker pole positions for 208 Volt loads. The power delivered is almost constant in three-phase power circuits, making them ideal candidates for transmission lines, power grids, and data centers

Three phase generators draw significantly lower amps than a single phase because they use a (Coefficent 1.733). Three phase Equation is watts (W)/voltage (V)/(Coeffient 1.733)=(A)amps.

Dual voltage generators only produce full power on larger output voltage due to the wiring configuration of the alternator. Single phase or lower power only use two winding of the 4 available on the alternator so usually resulting off a power reduction 40-50% from the quoted continuous output power. In a case where the generator is three phase and also single phase the maximum value always goes to the greater number eg 415v in this case leaving the single phase to 40-50% lower output.


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